Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Journal Mag Doodles and Paper Towel Journals

OK, now I'm hooked on Art Journaling and Bookmaking... I'm currently reading Somerset Studio's latest Art Journaling magazine and Cloth Paper Scissors latest Pages magazine. Very inspiring on both extreme journaling and unique bookmaking techniques. Here are my latest sketches from the mags:

I primarily use the Micron pens, but just bought the Pentel India Ink Brush Pen and am experimenting with it. I like that it gives me a brush stroke like a Chinese brush, but I don't have to keep filling it with ink; it comes with replacement cartridges! Haven't figured out how to get the light greys yet, but working on it with lots of water...

I'm working on a series of articles based on using colored paper towels created from sopping up the runny acrylic paints used when painting my PaperScapes (tm). Here is what my pile of paper towels looks like... Yummy!

Having a blast creating my Paper Towel Journal. Can't wait till I can show it to you!

Happy Doodling, Journaling and Painting!  Tristina