Saturday, March 21, 2015

Encaustic Wax Excitement

Had a fabulous group of ladies in my Studio today spending the whole day building up and scraping back layers of encaustic wax paint. What exciting art they made!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Curation Sensation!

These past 10 days have been a whirlwind as the Tarpon River Art Center - TRAC - (where I have my studio) was invited to present a 'Meet the Artists' exhibit at the Design Center of the Americas (DCOTA) in Dania Beach, Florida, by art lover Carol Teti of Decorative Crafts.

What we thought could be a small area in the DCOTA lobby to showcase our artwork turned out to be a barn-sized and FABULOUS gallery space! Carol counted on me to pull this show together, so for the past week I was emailing and calling all the resident artists, creating a flyer, gathering / transporting / hanging artwork, getting a short biography of every participating artist and liaising with Carol's staff to pull the show together. With the carting and hanging help of Artists Nancy Edelstein and Tatiana Castaneda, as well as the fabulous artwork of all involved, we were able to put together a top-notch show!

Dr. Ken Slossberg, DVM, with his painting "Cory".

Me with my painting "Reflections".

Artist Tatiana Castaneda with her painting "Rainbow".

Artist Kristina Thalin with her artwork "Scales".

 Group of Artists and friends with exhibit sponsor Carol Teti (red jacket).

Thank you Carol for this AWESOME opportunity and the beautiful Wine and Cheese reception following our TRAC Meet the Artists show!  And, thank you to all the participating Artists:
Tristina Dietz Elmes, Sandra Rosar, Joseph (Joe) Yznaga Regan, Dr. Ken Slossberg, Jane Lambert, Nancy Edelstein, Kristina Thalin, Ava Stevenson, Tatiana Castaneda, Lydia Schut, and AJ Grossman. :D

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Love Seeing Others Create

I LOVE to see other Artists (and those who say "I'm not an Artist!) create spectacular artworks when shown painting techniques and let loose with a huge supply to paint-at-will. Take a peek here at artwork made by Michael's Arts & Crafts store employees and several professional Artists at Pebeo paints' North American warehouse...

 Playing with Pebeo Texture Gels and Metallic Acrylics.

 Pouring Pebeo Resin paints in a Liquid Art Panel and sprinkling with dry Glitter.

 Look at that COLOR!!!

Pouring paint in the Liquid Art Panels is so much FUN!

 Annamarie Oke pouring Pebeo's colored Resin paints into a Liquid Art Panel.
Artist Chantal StPierre enjoying her Resin pour in a Liquid Art Panel.

Adding Fantasy Prisme paint to a masterpiece.

Milton Stevenson filling in his Cerne Relief design with Pebeo liquid oil paints in a Liquid Art Panel.

 Vancouver Artist Deb Chaney pouring a panel of FANTASY with Pebeo's liquid oil paints.

Proud of her Cerne Relief design painted results.

And here are some of the completed artworks: 

Looking forward to seeing what fabulous artworks my next group of students come up with! Until then...  HAPPY  ARTING!   Tristina