Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Colorful Works in Progress & Leftover Paint Projects


I am so inspired by the latest Cloth Paper Scissors magazine to CREATE! Little did I know the choice to use a 4 pack of Michael's 6x6 canvases for my latest multi-media creations would be perfect for the local Utrecht store's upcoming 6x6 challenge / show that I found out about today! Ahh, FATE. :) The canvases are not done, but here's a sneek peek:

The raised surface at the tops of these canvases are a layer of Golden Light Molding Paste into which I impressed various circle shapes from bottle tops to straws. After the molding paste was dry (I left it overnight), I used Caran D'Ache NeoColor II water soluable wax crayons to scribble areas of color onto the canvas and paste surfaces. Using a damp to wet soft paint brush, I activated the water soluable pigments and allowed them to slosh and mingle with one another. Note: I did rinse off my brush between colors and started with the light colors...working my way to the darker colors, so as not to create mud. Below is an example of a canvas where the top part has had water brushed on it and the bottom portion has not:

Next, I took various colors of Derwent Inktense water soluable pencils and followed around the grooves of the circles that I had made in the molding paste. After, I again used water and a brush to run over the pencil pigment which released their brilliant color into the grooves of the circles. I left all to dry overnight. The following day, I used Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paints to paint the sides of the canvases so that the colors on the sides would match the color swatch areas on the top of the canvases. The sides of the paintings dried in about an hour, after which I used bubble wrap, the plastic covering for oranges and a plastic pipe to put the additional markings on the top of the dried paintings using acrylic paints.


I can't stand to waste paint! Use every last drop of pigment SOMEWHERE is my motto!!! As I am painting and finish with an acrylic paint color, if there is paint left, I like to use it on paper and canvas that I make sure to have laying around my work area. Recently I had 2 journals, a wet/dry media paper pad and an unstretched canvas pad available to use on my worktable. 

To create quick paper and canvas pad backgrounds, I get my brush sopping wet, pick up some of the leftover acrylic paint and swipe it across the surface in an up and down and side to side motion, adding more water if I feel necessary to get all the pigment out of the brush. These create great, quick backgrounds to put other leftover paint on such as in these pages:

Another technique after adding the wet, sloshy paint to your paper or canvas pad is to press your brush full of water and paint along the top or side of a page and tilt the page up to get the colors to run. I recommend you put paper towels under the edge of your surface to catch the running paint. Remember, you can do the slosh and tilting in multiple directions for even more fun. Here are some examples:

This is on unmounted canvas so that I can sew through it!

And last, below is the beginning of a multi-media painting after using the dripping paint technique on paper that I had already used as a background when painting other small elements, leaving masking shapes behind  that add interest and bold colors to the back story:

If you have any questions about the above painting techniques, just leave me a comment below...

Enjoy a CREATIVE week!  Tristina :D

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Creating on the Fly

Hello! I have been away with my actress daughter in Los Angeles for the past several weeks... Here's a drawing of the beautiful sunset over California we saw as we were flying in - the colors were just too beautiful to pass up:

I took along my artists travel kit complete with drawing/painting pad, Inktense watersoluble pencils, charcoal pencils, graphite, Pentel india ink brush pen, scissors, watercolor postcard pad and my latest Somerset Studio magazine for inspiration. Well, the whole trip was such a whirlwind...I felt I was hardly able to read or make anything! Now that I'm back in Florida looking over what I did draw, I scanned into my computer the one other colorful picture I did and put the free Google program Picasa to work on it; here are the interesting results:

Original picture from my notebook using the Pentel india ink brush pen and Inktense pensils with a brush & water.

Now, here are the variations from the Picasa program...

 Infrared Film
Heat Map
 Heat Map

Gotta say, I love them all! And more variations are possible just by adjusting the sliders on the different styles in Picasa, like you see on the Heat Map above.

Please comment with any favorite photo editing programs and styles you use. :)

Happy Drawing and Editing!  Tristina