Thursday, December 26, 2013

On The Bench - CPS Inspiration

There's so much to be inspired by in the latest Jan/Feb 2014 Cloth Paper Scissors mixed media magazine!

Joanne Sharpe's article "Embrace Your Own Handwriting" MADE me do it; get out my pencil and markers to see what 'inner fonts' I would express. She says, "A journal is a must! Practice is essential in making letter art and it's important that you have a comfortable place to play, invent, and explore."

There are quite a few great creative and interview articles in this magazine issue, but the other how-to that made me get out my art supplies and start to play was "Graffiti Doodle Houses" by Jodi Ohl. I love Jodi's bright colors and mixed up imagery, so the artwork I created below is an ode to both her work and trying my hand at Joanne's personalized lettering technique.

Oops! Now I see I misspelled courageous. No spell check in journal land...

And the last excellent article to share with you from the magazine is from one of my favorite artists, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, about finding balance when working for yourself from a home-studio. She says people, "seem to think that working from home might tempt me to lie on the couch all day. In reality, I have the opposite problem: I find it difficult to set limits and end the workday." Me too! It's so hard for me sometimes to pull away from the art bubble zone... then I hear my daughters whine they are hungry for dinner and I have to snap out of it! Julie gives some great hints about working with to-do lists and how to manage your cyber-life so it doesn't encroach on your much needed create time. That's my cue! Gotta run... ;)

Happy Arting!   Tristina

Friday, December 20, 2013

Contemporary Miami at Wynwood, Art Basel

This was my first year attending Art Basel in Miami. I know, crazy right since I live just up the road in Fort Lauderdale? In the past I didn't want to brave the crowds, but this year I was Gallery represented by ArtBlend of Fort Lauderdale in the Spectrum tent in the Wynwood Arts District. In addition to that, I was fortunate enough to have received free tickets to several other of the art show tents as well due to the connections made throughout 2013 submitting to Gallery 'Calls for Art' and joining Gallery/Art Newsletter mailing lists... (There's a hint for ya if you want to score tickets next year to Miami or NY!)

ArtBlend Gallery in Fort Lauderdale was representing my Asia Series paintings. Here are a few of them:





I took artistic license in creating "artful calligraphy" for these paintings based on my experience in studying Chinese calligraphy painting, but allowing myself to make up the letter forms. In an effort to then attach meaning to each painting, I wrote a Haiku style poem on the back for how the painting reminded me of of my having grown up in Taipei, Taiwan and Seoul, Korea as a child.

Here are some of my favorite pieces by other artists from the Miami Art Basel Wynwood Contemporary shows:

blah, blah, blah - Mel Bochner, Quint Contemporary Art

Ross Bonfanti (creepy, but cool!)

Judy Pfaff,  Accola Griefen Gallery (encaustic wax on ephemera from India)

Ensayo Sobre Guero Tropical, Omar Chacon, Fouladi Projects Gallery

Alejo Santa Maria

Festival, Suh Jeong Min, Jankossen Contemporary (rolled and sliced Korean paper)

Richard Hart, Baang & Burne Gallery
Me with Charlie of Baang & Burne Gallery, NY who graciously gave me tickets to the CONTEXT Contemporary Art Show. In front of her artist, Richart Hart's, powerful works.

And, last but not least, my fellow artist Tonia Wasko and I were fascinated by the running videos with sound  encapsulated in glass jars by artist David Zimmer at the Robischon Gallery booth. Here's a link to a video I took of one of the jars YouTube of Live Tornado Capsule. You can see more of David Zimmer's artwork at the Robischon Gallery website HERE.

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into Miami's Art Basel 2013! HAPPY ARTING! Tristina

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

On The Bench - Journal Sketches

Here's todays art journal sketches inspired by images in the Nov/Dec 2013 Somerset Studio 'Art of Paper and Mixed-Media' magazine...

Monday, December 16, 2013

Love for Encaustic Wax Painting on Paper

Enjoyed another wildly successful workshop in Miami all day Saturday, Dec 14, at Romero Hidalgo Artist's Studio in the Red Road Arts District! The students had a blast learning techniques for working with hot encaustic wax paints making monotype prints and modifying the prints with oil pastel sticks, making encaustic-bound paper collages, and encaustic wax painting directly on paper with metal leaf enhancement. A huge THANK YOU to Sonia Hidalgo for inviting me to Miami to teach this workshop. She runs a classy operation and has awesome students!

Working with encaustic wax paint on hot palettes to create images to pull for Monotype prints.

Enhancing a monotype print on the hot palette with oil pastel sticks.

Studio owner Sonia Hidalgo visiting our workshop during a break in her teaching schedule.

Working on encaustic wax monotype print series' directly on the hot palette.

Finishing up a monotype print series and cleaning the other palette for encaustic collage.

Putting a last coat of paint on the final project of the day.

Enhancing encaustic painting on paper with metal leaf, then distressing with steel wool.

A selection of Cecilia's finished works. Love the satisfied smiles!

Encaustic wax Monotype print on Sumi-e rice paper.

Encaustic wax painting on handmade paper with distressed metal leaf. 

Claudia's collection of monotype prints, paper collage and painted paper all with encaustic wax paint.

Camellia's collection of monotype prints, paper collage and painted paper with encaustic wax paint.

Angie's collection of monotype prints, paper collage and painted paper with encaustic wax paint.

If you are planning on being in the South Florida area, feel free to check out the online event schedule on my website at Find the Events, Workshops & Demos tab on the left side of the screen and select it to view my calender. If you are interested in a workshop or event not listed in the calendar, email me at so we can accommodate your needs.

Happy Arting!  Tristina

Monday, December 9, 2013

Excited for BEST IN SHOW !!!

You never know when it's going to happen, but you just need to keep putting your artwork out there! So blessed and excited that my encaustic wax and mixed media painting, "Apothecary Green", won BEST  IN  SHOW at the Broward Art Guild Small Works Exhibit in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Opening night was Dec 7 and the show runs through Dec 27. The winning entry is part of a quad of paintings. Here are the pics...

"Apothecary Green" includes ephemera from Chinese Medicine boxes, 
an open unbleached tea bag, and 'pills' made of compressed paper.

The quad of paintings at the Broward Art Guild Small Works Exhibit with the
Best In Show ribbon! Paintings are, clockwise, "Apothecary Green", 
"Apothecary Ruby", "Apothecary Orange", and "Apothecary Violet".

I hope you'll take time this holiday season to support the local artists in your area and buy original artwork to add to your collection or to gift to someone you love. This is the best time of year to become a "Collector" even if you haven't bought before. Just go with your gut and buy what pleases you in the moment.

Happy Arting!  ;)  Tristina

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Half Day Encaustic in Layers Workshop Miami

Huge thanks to Sonia Hidalgo for inviting me to share my passion for Encaustic Wax painting with her enthusiastic students at her Romero Hidalgo Artist's Studios in the Red Road Arts District, Miami, on Nov 22. I explained the fascinating history of this ancient painting medium and safety considerations before we dove in to creating 6" x 6" multi-layered encaustic wax paintings. Here's a glimpse into this studio workshop and the beautiful results...
Sonia (in black) helping with instructing students at the start of class.

Sonia watching as students prime their boards with plain beeswax, 
fuse with a heat gun, then coat again in wax medium.

Students working around the palette to build their initial layers, 
and fusing with the heat gun between layers.

Building layers of wax paint over a drawing; fusing gently.

Experimenting with pouring liquid wax paint into metal forms on the painting surface.

So proud of the finished painting!

Beautiful completed paintings by the 7 artists!

So happy to stand with the artists and join them in their happy success. :)


To find where I will be teaching a workshop next, check out my online calendar at and select the Events, Workshops & Demos tab
on the left hand side of the screen.

Happy Arting!   Tristina

Sunday, November 24, 2013

On The Bench - Asia Series

So excited that a local gallery is carrying my Asia Series paintings! Spent all weekend working on my own stylized "Grass" calligraphy and paintings. Here are a few of the things created that are in process...

Here's a piece completed with antiquing and metal coins.

HAPPY  ARTING!  Tristina

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wild Abandon with Encaustic

Found a special article while reading the winter 2012/2013 Somerset Studio "Artist's Cafe" magazine about artist Mindy Murphy Lacefield. Her bold colors and simple subjects (A Girl & Her Bird) captured my attention immediately! Then, on taking a closer look at one of her paintings, I noticed some beautiful texture that looked like the surface encaustic wax painting gives...and sure enough, on reading the article, it was encaustic wax!!!

Here is an excerpt: "I've always been drawn to yummy textures where you simply can't resist reaching out and touching the painting. Encaustics create the richness that I so dearly want to achieve. To take the wax further, I love using Shiva paintsticks scumbled over the top. The sticks accentuate the wax's imperfections and oddities and can reveal the most interesting surfaces."

Right on, Mindy! I love the surprise when at a gallery show of my paintings I tell someone they can touch my encaustic painting. "Really?", the guest always says in shock. It's a great way to break the ice; and who doesn't love to do something a little TOUCH  THE  PAINTING? Encaustic paintings smell great, too. There's nothing like the heady aroma of beeswax that greets me when I walk into my studio to start the day...

I appreciate Mindy sharing that she uses her Shiva oil paint sticks to rub over the cooled encaustic (wax paints are either hot - liquid - or cool - solid, not wet or dry like other painting media). Traditionally, Shiva paintsticks were primarily marketed for and used as a great way to custom pattern fabric. I have a box of them, but haven't used them much. Now I'm going to break them out and put them to work on my next encaustic wax painting!

I am so grateful for other artists who fearlessly share their ideas and methods of how they create. You can read Mindy's blog at to get more insight on what inspires her. Mindy has also written a book about art creating called "Wild Surrender". You can find it on Amazon by clicking the link below.

HAPPY  ARTING!  :D  Tristina

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Acrylic Techniques In Mixed Media Book Review

Just finished reading "Acrylic Techniques in Mixed Media" by Roxanne Padgett today. This book is total EYE CANDY for mixed-media junkies! An exercise in EXTREME LAYERING...

I adore how Roxanne started off with a simple explanation and practice of Color Wheel Basics, which is a great primer for newbies and an excellent reminder for experienced crafters/painters as well. I help my students put these ideas into practice when teaching my "Finding Your Visual Voice" acrylic color painting workshop.

The book's colorful chapters give tons of ways to print, copy, stamp, rub, stencil, paint, collage, grid your way to covering the blank paper page or canvas fabric. My favorite techniques from what she shared are making simple collograph printing plates with manila folders and creating your own stamps from craft foam. One of my favorite tools she shared is the simple cosmetic sponge wedge; wow, what a great tool for painting on the face and in the studio!

The book's section about stenciling and printing with found objects inspired me to take out a deconstructed computer keyboard acetate sheet with brilliant circle and rectangle holes in it (that I've been hoarding for years) to my art journal and use it! Yay, love to get inspired to use stuff from my stash.

Can't wait to make the "artist" business cards Roxanne shows how to create in the Projects section of the book. A sewn painted canvas zippered bag project will be the next on my hit list to hold the business cards in. Other innovative and practical book/journal making projects follow. She also includes projects with whimsy, like her colorful "paper birds".

I highly recommend this book for beginner and accomplished artists alike. Definitely great to get the creative juices pumping. You can find additional information, reviews and buy the book with the link below.

HAPPY  ARTING!  Tristina

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Frame It Up!

So happy to have received my boxes of frames from this week! Getting prepared for the holiday season by putting a bunch of my works on paper under plexiglass. Franken has great museum quality plexi; travels way better than glass when shipping to galleries!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Art Bravo Entry Accepted!

Hello Art Loving Friends! I feel so fortunate to have one of my encaustic wax paintings accepted into the juried fine art competition artBRAVO! This exhibition is going on now at ArtServe, 1350 E Sunrise Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, through November 22. Hope you get a chance to swing by and see the fantastic art represented there. Below are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

With my painting "Grounded" in textured encaustic wax.

Here's a close up of the textured wax surface.

"Fertility Rites" by Stephanie Cunningham. 
Background is birth control package inserts! Plus eggs, mini test tubes and wax.

"Burst of Color" by Emily Grieco. 
This painting is quite large and covered in a beautiful layer of resin.

"Complexity in Motion" by Barry Rosson.
Love this acrylic on glass.

"Outside Your Window" by Liliana Rivera.
Has a beautiful subtle metallic glow and love the rust look.

"Emerald Sea" by Hilma Koelman.
Highly textured acrylic color and movement.

"Krakow, Mysterious Way" by Wendy Boucher.
This is an all paper extreme collage, gorgeous!

"Dazzling" by Emily Grieco.
Life sized painted manikin. Funky and fun.

"Helios Bowl" by Nick Starr.
The ceramic bowl looks ancient; perfect patina.
"Biblis 'In the Emerald Forest'" by Jen Toplak.
The oil painting is large and extremely fine.

"Rhubarb" by Willow.
Another extreme paper collage, this time with animals.

"On a Sunny Day" by Hilma Koelman.
I could stand in front of this painting all night...
Large acrylic with vibrant colors and texture.

"13007" by Christian Feneck.
How does he get all those perfect lines??? Brilliant!

"Curtain Call" by Susan Clifton.
The ballerina body is all collaged bits. Love the whole image effect. 

"The Sea Whisperer" by Sandra Canning.
A fine art photograph that sold during the opening
by one of my fellow Broward Art Guild members. :)

"Barrio Alto #9" by Edison Penafiel.
Wish I had a better picture of this First Place fine art photograph.
It's a cardboard replica of a dilapidated building with an actual photo of a building
 in the background. How do they do that? Thought provoking...

HAPPY  ARTING!   Tristina :D