Sunday, July 27, 2014

Busy With Galleries...

Yesterday was a busy Gallery day! In the early part of the day I finished up a 3 panel painting (triptych), which I later submitted to a Landscape and Still Life show. They went out the door so fast I didn't have a chance to take pictures! The set is a very soft suggestive landscape called "upland", 24 in x 36 in x 2.5 in; I promise pictures next weekend from the show.

I attended 3 Openings last night! The first was a visit to Studio Henning Haupt to view guest artist Adam Collier Noel's ARTAFACT/ARTIFICE show. WOW! His artwork was spectacular, utilizing vintage photos and transfers for an organic, antique look. Here are pictures:

Even though Henning was not at his studio last night as he was attending another opening of his artworks in the FAT Village ArtWalk, some of his magnificent oil paintings were in residence...

Next door to Studio Henning Haupt, the MAC Fine Art Gallery had an opening as well. Here are my favorites from that show:

 Fantastic sculpture made from plastic toy parts!
Dimensional landscapes carved out of mini magazines.

And last, and certainly the highlight of the night, was the "Summer Heat V" opening in Wilton Manors at the Rossetti Gallery ( where Adam, from the Studio Henning Haupt opening, won the Best In Show! It was a pleasure to spend the Rossetti opening with several of my artist friends, Tatiana Cast (mixed media painting) and Sandra Canning (fine art photography). Here's one last picture from last night with Tatiana and me in front of her painting, 'Beyond', with Sandra's photograph above:

What ARTSY activities are you doing this hot summer? Please share in the comments below.

Happy Arting! :D  Tristina 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Pastel Painting: To Fix or Not To Fix?

I just HAD to paint the other night after all my chores were done, so grabbed my newly organized dry pastel boxes and went to town. Here's the result, more pastel painting fun in my 'Channeling Rothko' series:

 Channeling Rothko 2, 2014, 9in x 12in, pastel on paper

 Channeling Rothko 3, 2014, 9.5in x 12.5in, pastel on Colourfix paper

After I finished these pastel paintings, I took them outside the next day to spray with Pastel Fixative... and it saturated some of the colors into the paper, making dark areas appear in the painting surface! This meant I had to reapply another layer of pastel in certain areas to "repair" the paintings.

That's always a challenge to the pastel artist; to fix or not to fix? Fixing is generally done by using a light re-working or final Fixative spray to lock in the dusty paint pigment powder that lingers on the surface of the pastel painting after the majority of the dust has been tapped off. Some pastel artists don't use fixative, others swear by it. 

I have found one of the tricks to using a fixative spray is to hold the can at least 12 inches away from the painting surface, start spraying off the edge of the painting surface and use a moderate to quick sweeping motion to apply the spray to the surface, making sure to keep the spray can the same distance from the surface all the way across (avoid the sweeping arc that has a more forceful spray at the middle of the arc than at the beginning and end).

For more detailed information, here's an interesting article about Fixatives from the Artists Network Pastel Journal and here is a place, Dakota Art Pastels, that specializes in supplying pastel painting supplies with a write up on their different fixative products:

Happy Arting! :)  Tristina

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer Sizzle Show Reception

It was a gorgeous night in Fort Lauderdale, FL, at the Broward Art Guild for the Summer Sizzle exhibition on Saturday. Full of colorful artwork and lots of beautiful ceramic pieces. Send inquiries about any of the art shown here to Enjoy!

With my painting Midnight Desert.
Artist friend Tatiana Cast in front of her Rainbow painting.
Fellow artists Diane Wall Karmiol (ceramics), Phoenix (photography), 
Tristina Dietz Elmes (mixed media), Tatiana Cast (mixed media), 
Sandra Canning (photography) and Gerard Delaney 
(mixed media and Broward Art Guild Executive Director). 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

On The Bench - Channeling Rothko in Pastel

Sometimes art materials just SPEAK to me... come hither and pick me up, create something, do it now! Thus was the case with my dry pastel sticks yesterday. It was time to reorganize my colors after a large clearance purchase SCORE of pastel sticks, and since I was touching them anyway... Here's how far I went:

 Channeling Rothko 1, 11in x 14in pastel on paper 
with Pebeo high density modeling paste.

Began a second pastel painting from a photograph I took in France
using water soluble dry pastels from Charvin on Art Spectrum
Colourfix pastel and mixed media paper.

After emptying one of my pastel bins during the reorganization, I found loads of powdered pigment left over in the bottom of the container. 

I was horrified at the thought of cleaning out the beautiful colored powders into the trash, so I grabbed one of my art journals and a makeup sponge and went to town creating soft pastel backgrounds with the left overs. No pigment left behind!

For a quick fix to your burning desire to create, I recommend trying dry pastels!

Happy Arting!  :)  Tristina

Sunday, July 6, 2014

On The Bench - Textured Panels

I am a TEXTURE girl! There, I've said it... Artwork that has nooks and crannies turns me on. No surprise, then, that I LOVE Bill Creevy's paintings. There is an airiness and mood about them that is fatally attractive...

The great news is, Bill has 2 books full of his artwork and techniques for getting that yummy texture in his The Pastel Book and The Oil Painting Book, both published in the 1990's and still readily available.

The trick he shares in The Pastel Book about how he creates his layered and textured panels for painting with pastels and oils is invaluable if you want to create similar airy artwork.

Here's a picture of my first crack at creating panels for my own paintings...

I have found that besides the type of acrylic modeling paste Bill recommends in his book, I have had success with Golden's Coarse Molding Paste and Pebeo's High Density Modeling Paste as well. If you love textured surfaces and artwork like I do, give Bill Creevy's panel making trick a try!

Happy Arting!  :D  Tristina

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Jivin' With The Peace Mural Foundation

Wow! What a great time it was presenting a Pebeo Paints workshop today to a group of fantastically curious and talented interns and artists at the Peace Mural Foundation in Miami Beach, Florida. The theme for the mural we worked on is 'Save The Oceans', so the artwork all had something to do with underwater scenes and Peace doves. Thanks to the AMAZING energetic artist, gallerist and Foundation matriarch Anna (Huong) for inviting me to share my passion with her group! :D

If you want to know more about and to offer to help the Peace Mural Foundation, contact them through their website at

Peace Out and Happy Arting!  :D  Tristina