Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Living at the Speed of Light?

I can't believe 10 days have gone by since my last post!!! Well, I have in that time bought 2 new art books (Steampunkery by Cristi Friesen and Creative Illustration Workshop for Mixed-Media Artists by Katherine Dunn) and 2 new magazines (Crafts 'n Things and Bead Unique).

The Crafts 'n Things magazine has "Kids' crafts for summer camps" as an attention grabbing headline for me and Bead Unique has a spectacular polymer clay necklace on the front cover including a fabric necklace for which I want to find out the supplier (Silk Necklace from Class Act Designs). Also, the Bead Unique magazine has 2 polymer clay project articles, so I am going to take the magazine to Monday night's SouthEast Florida Polymer Clay Guild meeting in Delray to show my fellow members what's new in the press related to Polymer Clay!

Reviews of the books will be forthcoming. Also, I am almost done watching an encaustic wax instructional video I bought on my trip to NY to visit R&F Paints, Encaustic & Paper by Wendy Aikin, Judy Stabile and Daniella Wolf. Fascinating! I have learned so many exciting new ways to wax that I will share with you soon when I finish the video...

Here are a few pictures of my latest works in progress:

 Gluing my hand colored papers to canvas.
 Completed Paperscapes, waiting for edges to be painted...
 ELEMENTS II (each component 8in x 8in)
 Untitled (each component 5in x 5in)
OCEAN  BLUE (8in x 8in)

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