Sunday, May 27, 2012

Inspiration From Latest Magazines

Been gaining inspiration from the May issues of Somerset Studio and Cloth Paper Scissors Magazines. Below is a sketch done this morning from my breakfast Pomegranate using Inktense watersoluable pencils and Caran D'Nache watersoluable oil crayons. This idea came from an article I read yesterday in the latest Cloth Paper Scissors to just draw the mundane things you see each day, with no worry as to whether the drawing is "good" just doesn't matter because it is in your journal for you!

Next, I have been doodling over the past 2 weeks in my journal as I read the latest Somerset Studio and their Art Journaling magazines. I am really interested in the human practice a lot of faces from both sketches I see in the magazines and pictures of real people. I especially like the flower and circle doodle border on this one. I'm getting into the whole birdcage thing, too!

What is it that gets you inspired to paint or draw? Where/How do you find your subjects?

Thanks for sharing you comments and Happy Drawing!  Tristina :D

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