Friday, July 5, 2013

Gotta Make It!

There are just some days I HAVE to make ART! I know you feel the same way too... Here's a quick, simple and FUN way to get some creative on:

Today's art journal page

Snag a mixed media journal book like the above on AquaBee heavyweight drawing paper or Strathmore Visual Journal mixed-media paper, then grab the nearest Mixed-Media or Art magazine/book and start thumbing through for inspiration. Today's journal page is a combination of images from the recent July/August Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine and Pam Carriker's book, 'Art at the Speed of Life'.

Cloth Paper Scissors magazine and micron pens

Use a waterproof pen like the Sakura Micron or Pitt markers and quickly sketch some images...remember, don't THINK too much, just relax, breathe and draw what you see.

Pelikan cake watercolors.

Fill a cup with water and use a small #6 round watercolor brush to wet and pick up pigment from dry color sets like Pelikan above or Koi. Both give great color and instantly satisfying results. Slosh on the color at will, even waiting for some to dry before going back in with more color. Keep the brush filled with water and use a paper towel if needed to sop some of the water out of the brush.

When done coloring, allow your page to dry (will only take a few minutes) step back and SMILE! Then, go about your day with that need to CREATE satisfied!

Happy Arting,  Tristina :D

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