Wednesday, March 12, 2014

On The Bench - Playing with Pebeo Paints

Since being introduced to Pebeo Fantasy Paints and Resins by my local Utrecht Art Supply store, I have been obsessed about using them! There's something about the acrylic binder (they call Bindex) that's sensuous, like a thin and silky slick hand cream. The mica enhanced Dyna paints are radiant like no other acrylic paints I've ever used - the turquoise and green are my favorites. And, the florescents are translucent pops of color that really grab attention. 

My latest painting includes the bright and soft of the Pebeo acrylic florescent paints and the hard of their black sand medium. I wanted to give the organically shaped sand medium a sharp edge, so below I can be seen removing the painter's tape I used on the dry florescent paint to create the center rectangle.

Here's the painting after the tape is removed. The radiant colors of the florescent paints look many times magnified when you view the painting in person! 

Next step, I'm going to pour the Pebeo Glaze Resin over the colored part and see what happens! I'll let you know how the resin pour goes later...


Tristina :)

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