Saturday, April 12, 2014

Revamp Your 'Old' Art

Just read an excellent article from the Jan/Feb Somerset Studio magazine by artist E'Layne Koenigsberg titled, 'The Art of the Revamp'.

In the article E'Layne speaks of her discovery of the 'process' creation method which differed from her 20 year career making 'product' driven art. "Process creating bubbles forth from a spontaneous, magical place deep within our gut, not art conceived in our mind." She began to tear up 'old' work and combine pieces with new elements with, "no rhythm or reason to my method of application. My paintbrush had a mind of it's own. I moved spontaneously with no attachment to the outcome and no judgement about liking or disliking what I was creating."

In my Fearless Art Journaling classes I ask my students to leave any preconceived notions of what ART is outside the room, relax and have FUN. I then guide them through exercises in letting go of expectations and just going with the flow...and if they have trouble moving ahead, usually when I see them "thinking" too much, I'm there to gently suggest the next step.

If you are looking to develop your creative artistic muscle and let loose a little, I suggest you find a local or online Art Journaling class. Approach the class (or if you're adventurous, classes!) with an open mind and dive in with both feet. Go with the flow of the ideas and projects presented and imagine how far out of your comfort zone you can take it. Then, attend regularly.

I think you'll be surprised how much improved your art-making will become in a very short time. Remember, Art Journaling is for you! Take a deep breath and enjoy the PROCESS!

Happy Arting! :D   Tristina

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