Sunday, December 14, 2014

BAG Gallery Brunch - Small Works

I adore when Galleries hold Small Works exhibits! Just something about the small dimensions that invite finding the perfect gift or artwork to fill that special cubby hole while saving the pocketbook. The Broward Art Guild's Small Works exhibit and brunch today was a perfect example of excellent local artwork readily available at reasonable prices to encourage brightening a home for the Holidays. Below are some of my favorites from the show.

3 Paintings from my Bullseye series and a small painting from my 
She Wondered series below right.

Yay, both of Lynn Greenberg's paintings sold!

I really enjoyed these pensive pastel works.

Nice mixed media - collage and painting combination.
Exciting with the polka dot feathers!

One of my encaustic wax students! Great transfers onto the wax surface. :)

Fun artwork with image transfers and paint on fabric. AWESOME!

Spectacular colorful photography!

Wow, look what you can do with a book! That carving must have been meticulous.

Hope you seek out working artists to support in your community this Holiday Season and enjoy the original artwork in your home or smiles from lucky folks to whom you give the gift of ART!

HAPPY ARTING!  Tristina :D

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