Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Love Seeing Others Create

I LOVE to see other Artists (and those who say "I'm not an Artist!) create spectacular artworks when shown painting techniques and let loose with a huge supply to paint-at-will. Take a peek here at artwork made by Michael's Arts & Crafts store employees and several professional Artists at Pebeo paints' North American warehouse...

 Playing with Pebeo Texture Gels and Metallic Acrylics.

 Pouring Pebeo Resin paints in a Liquid Art Panel and sprinkling with dry Glitter.

 Look at that COLOR!!!

Pouring paint in the Liquid Art Panels is so much FUN!

 Annamarie Oke pouring Pebeo's colored Resin paints into a Liquid Art Panel.
Artist Chantal StPierre enjoying her Resin pour in a Liquid Art Panel.

Adding Fantasy Prisme paint to a masterpiece.

Milton Stevenson filling in his Cerne Relief design with Pebeo liquid oil paints in a Liquid Art Panel.

 Vancouver Artist Deb Chaney pouring a panel of FANTASY with Pebeo's liquid oil paints.

Proud of her Cerne Relief design painted results.

And here are some of the completed artworks: 

Looking forward to seeing what fabulous artworks my next group of students come up with! Until then...  HAPPY  ARTING!   Tristina


  1. Lovely works and so INSPIRING!
    I use pebeo products???I love them!

    1. Thank you for your comment Sue! Yes, I love them too and get to paint with Pebeo almost every day. I'm working with Pebeo to build their Working Artist Program of Mixed Media Product Specialists. If you're interested in talking about it, send me a message. :D

  2. This looks like a very fun day for the Michael'S employees. They are so lucky to be able to have all the Pébéo products to play with. Beautiful creations! I have just started trying Pébéo and it's so tentative so far. I love looking at everyone's creations to get ideas.