Monday, August 22, 2011


OK, so sometimes I digress to read a book or magazine that's all fluff and not related to art...

When last at Barnes & Noble a book jumped out at me that looked like a quick read with a little comic relief titled "Exes & Ohs: A downtown girl's tales of love, lust, revenge, and a little facebook stalking" by Shallon Lester. I thought it might give me some insight into secret ways to cope with my impending divorce, like best ice cream flavor to nurse a healing heart!?!?

Soooo, this book reads like a 24 year old gal wrote it as though she was talking to her friends, swear words and all. Ran through it like a bag of my favorite Lay's fried potato chips...except I was surprised that, having written for a New York daily newspaper gossip column for years, Shallon used a ton of excellent words! Some I knew and some I didn't.

Here's a list of the words I picked out of the text that I'm excited to share with you; some you will know and others, well, I hope you'll learn something:

heinous, ardent, indigent, pilfired, gaffes, clandestinely, staunch, maniacally, betwixt, kerfuffle, ubiquitous, devolved*, derision*, nefarious*, unroofied*, pyrrhic*, haughtiness, circumvallation*, maladies, solipsistic*, ensconced, addled*, non-sequitur* and rotund.

The words with an asterisk were new to me! Dictionary, here I come.

And, guess what? Mixed in with her stories of romantic conquest and failure Shallon did include a chapter on ICE CREAM! But, here's her twist (I love it),
     "Since the dawn of of heartbreak, women have been using ice cream to mend their wounds and drown their sorrows, a sort of triage paste to patch up holes in the heart.
      Isn't it time that ice cream makers realize this and start gearing flavors toward their true constituents? Why, in the throes of being dumped, would I want to reach for something called Chubby Hubby? That just seems cruel. How about getting a little bit more specialized? Perhaps...

      'Googling Robert Pattinson'
       Tastes Like: Salty tears, black nail polish, and Hot Topic snap-on fangs

      'Told My Friends I Didn't Call Him but I Lied'
       Tastes Like: Wine in a box and an overly rehearsed voice mail message that conveys 'breezy!'
        not 'stuffed to the gills with Lexapro!'

      'In Bed at Ten P.M. on a Friday'
       Tastes Like: Three-day-old Chinese food and a putrifying mud mask"


I'm glad that I read "Exes & Ohs", just to disconnect and get caught up in someone elses whirlwind life for a while. Reminded me of my wild and wooly 20's! ;)

Happy Reading!  Tristina

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