Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Zany for Zentangles!

I'm hooked! After having read an article in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine last year about the meditative qualtiy of working small tiles of white paper with black ink in repetitive patterns - called Zentangles - I tried the technique and fell in lust...

To take my art to the next level, I bought from Amazon.com a Zentangle's Basics book by Suzanne McNeill and have played around with the patterns for the past several months; stealing a few minutes here and there to add to my picture blocks as I could. Here are some of examples of what I created:

Later, when I was well addicted to making Zentangles, I went again to Amazon to peruse other Zentangle books that might be available. To my delight, there were many, many more books and even including colored Zentangles! I immediately bought 8 more Zentangle books, some of which have not even been published yet, so I can get them as soon as they come out. Just looking at the book covers inspired me to make the tangles below:

Now I have begun to work bigger and cram more designs onto a larger page of my sketchbook. Here is one of my Zentangles in process:

Next stop...going to get my Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) training asap so I can share my entheusiasm for this relaxing and VERY satisfying artform (that anyone can do, "one stroke at a time") by presenting classes in the Miami / Fort Lauderdale / Boca Raton area. :-D

To find out more, go to Zentangle.com. FASCINATING!!!

Happy Reading and Drawing,  Tristina

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