Monday, November 5, 2012

Small Steps On Our Artistic Journey

I was in Los Angeles last week and was surprised & delighted to see an interesting way to display artwork... a large painted canvas was grometted and fixed to the outside wall of a building on Sunset Blvd. Beguiling!

In addition to my reading several artful books and magazines lately, I have become enthralled with watching videos on YouTube. There is such a wealth of sharing going on in the cyber-world...for FREE! I began my online quest to look up examples of artists using one of my favorite art supplies, PanPastels, in mixed media. WOW, it was a revelation stumbling across and Donna Downey's YouTube videos. Thank you so much to these artists for allowing me and our readers to be INSPIRED by watching the art unfold right before our eyes. If you are a visual learner, there is a bounty waiting to be had online; and in easy to digest bite-sized chunks of time from one minute to a half hour and more - enough to whet or satiate everyone's appetite!

It was fun today to play Donna Downey's "Listen to your inner voice" canvas painting YouTube video with lovely background music (it ran for almost a half hour) while I created the below mixed media painting (it's not done yet, but well on it's way):

At the end of the most recent Nov/Dec Cloth Paper Scissors magazine there is a lovely article by Soraya Nulliah about finding ourselves as artistic creators. It says in part, "Every small step leads to another place where the whole world opens up and is full of exciting discoveries and possibilities. Reading an inspiring book, signing up for a class, making time and space for everyday creativity - all of these activities will support your artful journey." So much wisdom is available for us out there if we just take those first steps, then keep stepping ahead on our artistic journey...

Happy Creating!  Tristina

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