Saturday, November 16, 2013

Art Bravo Entry Accepted!

Hello Art Loving Friends! I feel so fortunate to have one of my encaustic wax paintings accepted into the juried fine art competition artBRAVO! This exhibition is going on now at ArtServe, 1350 E Sunrise Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, through November 22. Hope you get a chance to swing by and see the fantastic art represented there. Below are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

With my painting "Grounded" in textured encaustic wax.

Here's a close up of the textured wax surface.

"Fertility Rites" by Stephanie Cunningham. 
Background is birth control package inserts! Plus eggs, mini test tubes and wax.

"Burst of Color" by Emily Grieco. 
This painting is quite large and covered in a beautiful layer of resin.

"Complexity in Motion" by Barry Rosson.
Love this acrylic on glass.

"Outside Your Window" by Liliana Rivera.
Has a beautiful subtle metallic glow and love the rust look.

"Emerald Sea" by Hilma Koelman.
Highly textured acrylic color and movement.

"Krakow, Mysterious Way" by Wendy Boucher.
This is an all paper extreme collage, gorgeous!

"Dazzling" by Emily Grieco.
Life sized painted manikin. Funky and fun.

"Helios Bowl" by Nick Starr.
The ceramic bowl looks ancient; perfect patina.
"Biblis 'In the Emerald Forest'" by Jen Toplak.
The oil painting is large and extremely fine.

"Rhubarb" by Willow.
Another extreme paper collage, this time with animals.

"On a Sunny Day" by Hilma Koelman.
I could stand in front of this painting all night...
Large acrylic with vibrant colors and texture.

"13007" by Christian Feneck.
How does he get all those perfect lines??? Brilliant!

"Curtain Call" by Susan Clifton.
The ballerina body is all collaged bits. Love the whole image effect. 

"The Sea Whisperer" by Sandra Canning.
A fine art photograph that sold during the opening
by one of my fellow Broward Art Guild members. :)

"Barrio Alto #9" by Edison Penafiel.
Wish I had a better picture of this First Place fine art photograph.
It's a cardboard replica of a dilapidated building with an actual photo of a building
 in the background. How do they do that? Thought provoking...

HAPPY  ARTING!   Tristina :D

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