Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wild Abandon with Encaustic

Found a special article while reading the winter 2012/2013 Somerset Studio "Artist's Cafe" magazine about artist Mindy Murphy Lacefield. Her bold colors and simple subjects (A Girl & Her Bird) captured my attention immediately! Then, on taking a closer look at one of her paintings, I noticed some beautiful texture that looked like the surface encaustic wax painting gives...and sure enough, on reading the article, it was encaustic wax!!!

Here is an excerpt: "I've always been drawn to yummy textures where you simply can't resist reaching out and touching the painting. Encaustics create the richness that I so dearly want to achieve. To take the wax further, I love using Shiva paintsticks scumbled over the top. The sticks accentuate the wax's imperfections and oddities and can reveal the most interesting surfaces."

Right on, Mindy! I love the surprise when at a gallery show of my paintings I tell someone they can touch my encaustic painting. "Really?", the guest always says in shock. It's a great way to break the ice; and who doesn't love to do something a little TOUCH  THE  PAINTING? Encaustic paintings smell great, too. There's nothing like the heady aroma of beeswax that greets me when I walk into my studio to start the day...

I appreciate Mindy sharing that she uses her Shiva oil paint sticks to rub over the cooled encaustic (wax paints are either hot - liquid - or cool - solid, not wet or dry like other painting media). Traditionally, Shiva paintsticks were primarily marketed for and used as a great way to custom pattern fabric. I have a box of them, but haven't used them much. Now I'm going to break them out and put them to work on my next encaustic wax painting!

I am so grateful for other artists who fearlessly share their ideas and methods of how they create. You can read Mindy's blog at to get more insight on what inspires her. Mindy has also written a book about art creating called "Wild Surrender". You can find it on Amazon by clicking the link below.

HAPPY  ARTING!  :D  Tristina

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