Saturday, June 7, 2014

Visit With Peace Mural Foundation

Yesterday my daughter Samantha and I went to Miami Beach to visit dynamic and prolific Artist Huong (Anna) at her Peace Mural Foundation Museum Gallery and view the spectacular Peace Murals that she has created through her own paintings and by inspiring intern artists from local universities, children, and people of all ages and from all walks of life. Find out more about the Foundation at

This one Mural for Peace consists of 2000 canvases and includes paintings 
with the word Peace written in 120 different languages.

As a refugee from Vietnam, Anna came to America with her son to escape from the ravages of war. Having experienced the effects of war first hand, she has made it her mission to work at educating people to think of PEACE as a priority in our lives and for the good of our shared planet. Her organization does this through ART!

I am grateful that Anna has asked me to help teach her university art student interns how to use the Pebeo Fantasy paints on 400 canvases for the Foundation's latest Save Our Oceans mural project to be unveiled in Miami in November! I have loaned my Reef Skull 1 and Prism's Dance paintings to the Foundation as inspiration for the interns, and they may be viewed by the public while visiting Miami Beach at the Peace Mural Foundation Museum Gallery, 1606 Washington Avenue. Open daily 2 pm - 10 pm.

One of my favorite murals (they are all gorgeous and provocative) in the museum is the Immigration Mural running the length of several walls. Here is an article on the Foundation website about it:

One of my favorite quotes from the Immigration Mural!

Thank you so much to Anna for her gifting Samantha and me the intaglios from the Immigration Mural series of a family and wise owl by the late Miami artist Joe Demarais and signing her Peace Mural poster for us! I'm so looking forward to working with Anna's team on the Save Our Oceans mural. :D

Happy Arting & Peace Out!  Tristina

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