Friday, February 6, 2015

Live from Frankfurt, Germany... CreativeWorld

From the Pebeo booth at the International PaperWorld and CreativeWorld show Feb 1 to Feb 3, 2015, British Artist Jenny Muncaster and I painted our hearts out LIVE to the delight of show attendees from countries across the globe - guests at the booth were from North America, South America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. During the show, of France were filming, interviewing, programming and uploading Pebeo's Mixed Media magazine Inspiration No.2 LIVE. It was so exciting! To see the eZine, click HERE for tons of ideas, hints and tips for Mixed Media painting.

Jenny Muncaster and I at the CreativeWorld Pebeo booth.

My worktable with art in process!
 With Patricia, head of Marketing Communications for Pebeo.
 My mixed media peacock feather on canvas.
 Working on a "She Wondered" painting in a Liquid Art Panel.
 Jenny Muncaster being filmed live! See this in the Inspiration eZine.
Some of Jenny's artwork made live at the CreativeWorld show.

Hope you see some inspiring images and pick up a pencil, paint brush, palette knife, pipette, etc. yourself soon...  HAPPY  ARTING!  Tristina  :D 

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