Monday, February 9, 2015

On The Bench - Inspiration Strikes!

I came back so inspired by the techniques I learned from UK Artist Jenny Muncaster in Frankfurt last week that I immediately grabbed out a big illustration board, slapped down some of my favorite collage elements (poetry and dress pattern tissue), drizzled on Pebeo Glazing Resin, liberally painted and poured on Pebeo liquid alkyd oil paints (Vitrail, Fantasy Prisme and Fantasy Moon), scattered metal leaf flakes, and accented with Mirror Effect transfer foil to create this 30 in x 40 in artwork. Thank you Jenny!!!

There's just something about red, blue and purple that have been calling me out to paint in large amounts lately?! What's been inspiring you recently? Is it a color, an artist you follow, taking a walk, attending workshops, reading a great book, being around other artists? Please share what inspires you to create in the comments below.

HAPPY  ARTING!  Tristina Dietz Elmes :)