Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bombastic Artist Julian Schnabel

A book I purchased at my local Border's going out of business sale (with 40% discount) that I'm currently reading is 'Lives of the Artists' by Calvin Tomkins. Since I am choosing to be an artist who supports her family through art, I thought it would be a good idea to read about the backgrounds of other artists who have prospered and made a name for themselves in the art world and whose work sell for big bucks. The book includes insights from the author's personal contact and interviews with the artists.

I just finished the section about Julian Schnabel...and, wow, I love the way he has such a grandiose way of thinking and acting yet is so real and natural doing it. His paintings now hang in museums and private collections around the world. What I noticed about Julian's work when I looked at it online is that his scale is very large - he makes massive paintings. Some of them selling in excess of $1 million!

I am intrigued with Schnabel's success at creating wealth from his artwork to the point where he has supported 2 wives, 5 children, multiple houses and studios and a cadre of studio assistants. In the book it said when he needed cash to expand one of his homes, he simply sold a painting for $700,000 and moved on to paint more. To Julian, painting is to life what breathing is to life!

What I took away from the segment on Julian Schnabel in this book is to think BIG both in terms of my painting's sizes and also to dream big, put entheusiasm behind my work and know that I can have whatever I clearly desire in this business! It's time to start living a Bombastic lifestyle!!! :)


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