Friday, April 15, 2011

Building A New Studio Office

Thank goodness for Friends and Family! Today my friend Higia came over to help move books, papers, furniture, odds and ends out of my jammed home office. Then my father and mother came over; mother to watch the kids for me and father to put together the IKEA bought Billy Bookshelves and Mickey Desk. All this in an effort to turn my home office into a beautifully organized home studio office!

Here are pictures of my dad and me working on the desk...notice the big blank wall behind me. Watch the transformation of that wall and 2 corners into a desk and many bookshelves for my extensive art, jewelry and fabric book collection!

I'll show you a picture of the 'library' wall when all is up and bolted in, hopefully on Sunday! I'm looking forward to having a home for the boxes and boxes of books that are now in my dining room while this construction is taking place. Isn't it true that sometimes things have to get messy and chaotic before order and ease sets in?

Happy Reading!   Tristina :)

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