Thursday, April 28, 2011

No Time for Reading, Time for DOING!

Hello Friends! Been having a blast at the Lisa Pressman fine art workshop to learn to use oil paint pigment sticks at R&F Paints in Kingston, NY. This is really NEW to me, since I have only ever worked with water soluable oil paints doing crafty things with my girls. Lisa has us working on LARGE sheets of paper and multiple canvas panels at once; both things that are a stretch for me. I came to the class to learn to use my WHOLE  BODY to paint with aaaand to get in touch with my PASSION and put it down with paint.

Lisa's style is very much it's OK to have fun and play. Boy, am I having FUN!  ;)

Here are a few pics from the class:

 R&F Paints factory, showroom, gallery and workshop.

This oil painting is done on thin textured rice paper. There is a piece of 140 lb watercolor paper under it to soak up excess paint oil that seeped thorough the rice paper (and there was a lot of it!).  Size about 26"x34".
It was a challange and very freeing at the same time to work BIG.
I also made another large paper painting of Lemons, but think after it dries I will have to cut it up into 3 or 4 smaller works. Hmmm, Lisa has gotten me thinking and it's a good thing!

Tristina :)

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