Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blew Through Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch's 'Encaustic Workshop'

I love artist and author Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch's book 'Encaustic Workshop'.  She uses R&F Paint products for her in-book demonstrations. Because of my time spent at R&F Paints last week, I was able to blow through her book with a knowingness and frequent ah ha's as to new ways to use encaustic wax paints.

Patricia has a no-nonsense way with a big dash of experimentation thrown in. She goes through the basics of working with wax paint in the beginning of the book, so that even someone who has not worked with the medium before will get a good education in how it works. Then, she cuts loose with example after example of how to use a bunch of multi-media techniques with the wax, including embedding papers and organic matter, scraping back the surface layers, incising & painting the surface, and even using alcohol inks to color the paintings.  I work with alcohol inks now to color my ultra-light polymer clay hearts and adore the mix of colors I get...will have to make me some of the thin panels to practice on. Patricia's pictures in the book are fabulous! I am a very visual person and her pictures helped me blow through the book faster...

In the end biography of 'Encaustic Workshop' Patricia says, "I will never grow tired of this medium, as it offers neverending possiblilites in experimentation and discovery." You can find out more about Patricia and her classes at http://www.pbsartist.com/.

Tristina :)

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