Monday, May 9, 2011

Submitted to BAG Member Show at Coral Springs Museum of Art

I worked into the night to have paintings ready to submit Saturday for the Broward Art Guilds member show at the Coral Springs Museum of Art! (Sound familiar to other artists out there???) I like watching what upcoming shows the Broward Art Guild and Artserve are having as a motivation to, "get the work done!" I feel like this way it gives me a goal or deadline to adhere to and really motivates me to create...

Here are the pieces I submitted to the show from my Ancient Bones series. Each painting starts with my hand colored paper (created with a technique I learned from Edyi Lampasona at a workshop I took at the Boca Raton Museum of Art last year). The fossil stones on the pieces were collected on the West Coast of Florida by me and my parents. They are ancient bones, teeth and ivory from prehistoric manatees, walrusus, horses, sharks and other marine / land animals that lived in the Gulf area millions of years ago. When I was a child I would tell people I wanted to grow up to be a plaentologist (someone who studies fossils). I may not have grown up to collect and display fossils as my primary vocation, and still I have been able to enjoy them as an avocation!

 This set includes bones, coral, teeth and ivory. I love the totem shape, reminds me of piles of stones I saw in Arizona walking through the desert where long gone Indians had marked the way for others.

 This set consists of fossil bones and teeth. The top is my favorite totem design and the bottom reminded me of the impression a bear claw makes in the mud.

 I adore this set with the white ivory fossil that reminds me of a candle flame. The top painting also introduces my use of copper nails and wire. Wire really turns me on and I use it whenever I can in my work.

The reception for the Broward Art Guild show at the Coral Springs Museum of Art is Thursday, May 26 from 6 to 8pm. Hope to see some of you there!

Tristina :)

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