Monday, May 30, 2011

Submitted to BAG Landscapes Show

On Friday I submitted 4 encaustic wax pieces to the Broward Art Guild's Landscapes show. This is a juried show, so I'm not sure how many will make it in!?!?

One of the pieces I created at the workshop while in NY at R&F reminded me of tree bark, so I created 2 other tree bark paintings to go along with it for the show. The 4th is an underwater scene with 20 different layers of wax featuring jellyfish that I drew, colored and transfered onto the wax at different depths.

Below are some pictures of the process; I'll show you the finished piece(s) that get into the show after the opening reception June 4th being held at the new home of the Broward Art Guild at 3280 NE 32nd Street. Very Exciting!!!

This is a detail of the wax painting I did at R&F Paints titled 'Chestnut'.

 Detail of recent wax painting titled 'Birch'. Lots of surface texture here.

 My photo and pictures from the internet of Jellyfish, my drawings colored with Pan Pastels and Colorsoft pencils, and a sample painting I did trying out different media to see what I wanted to put in my final painting.

The underwater painting titled 'Teeming' in process... There are already 5 jellyfish transferred into this picture on different layers of wax! Because the wax was warm when the picture was taken the surface is cloudy. After the painting cures (several days to weeks depending on how many layers of wax there are) the wax layers will become translucent and give the water depth illusion I'm going for.

Hope some of you can make it to the show opening next Saturday from 6-9pm. I will be going straight from the Artist as an Entreprenuer class at ArtServe being given by the Broward County Cultural Division . They will be teaching: Career Planning for Artists, Developing a Brand, Pricing, Understanding Customers, Building a Product Mix, Identifying Useful Resources, Writing a Business Plan, Working with Lenders, A session with Successful Artrepreneurs, etc. It"s not too late to sign up for this class if you are interested...simply register online at and select workshops. The fee is a very reasonable $100 total for 4 Saturday classes (all in June).

I watched a new Encaustic Workshop video today and will give you a review of it tomorrow.

Tristina :)

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