Saturday, May 14, 2011

Crazy Woman in Michael's!

OK, so the CRAZY woman in Michael's today was ME!!! They are having their 50% off gallery wrapped canvases sale through tomorrow aaaaaaaand I have a 20% off everything (including sale items) Friends & Family coupon, so I went to town buying sale canvases small and large (to stretch myself to work big ;)) and  clearance artist panels.

I also grabbed a few other supplies...and a book! Surprise! Anyway, now that I have my oil paint sticks from R&F Paints I decided to buy "The Encyclopedia of Oil Painting Techniques" by Jeremy Galton as a handy reference guide to grab when I'm contemplating what to do to begin or move to the next level with an oil stick painting. Ahhhh, I can smell the linseed oil already!

Happy Painting to my fellow painters out there!

Tristina :)

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