Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Makin' Paper!

It was a beautiful sunny South Florida day yesterday, so I was outside on my dock watching the boats go by and making colorful sky dyes papers (inspired by Mickey Lawler's book for coloring fabric, 'SkyDyes'). Here's a peek at the process...

The bright sun dries the watery acrylic paints within 2 hours, so I can make more than one batch in a day. Yesterday I made 2 large sheets (22"x30") on rice papers that I had gotten at Utrecht on Saturday and one sheet of 20"x20" on tissue. Over the next few days I will use Golden's Soft Gloss Medium to adhere them to canvases and fill in any tears with NeoColorII water soluable wax pastel crayons. Don't worry, I'll take pictures and show the finished paintings here when they're done!

The Broward Art Guild has a coffee shop sporting blank walls to fill with paintings for sale, so I'm making these to put on their walls for the month of June. Feels good to have my paintings 'out there' for folks to see.

Tristina  :)

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